Film Photography > Poetry

Please pick up the fallen poetry book off the floor
From the female writer from the

sunset strip.

A chimpanzee eats the skull
Of another chimpanzee
The flesh is the million dollar
Art being shredded for freedom

And a red balloon
And a dress
Life equates to regret

Love is inescapable
Do not be culpable or
Insolent in the measure
Of a kiss

All the garments

Falling to the floor.

This difficult life cut cheques and the youth cut their forearms
Kept going

Arms are sold at a pawn shop

While the siren on an ambulance
Sings outside
The dealing
Of lost threads
Empty beds
Corners of doorways

Left food
But still no one approves.

The junkies
The lonely
The dispossessed

The women in distress

The woman championing the
Fear and and political sex
The regret of who you

Texting obliterated freedom

And pugs slobbering
Cats dreaming

Slugs on bananas
A paradise flower opens

You are in a lack of knowing

The False news and the slandering
The river surfers

Giving freedom to the legless
Man on the riverside

Do you live
Do you abide
Grease the carousel?

Keep others from pushing hell
Into embers!

You can cascade this embrace

If you subsist to live and love

Without a desire tango
A screenshot memory

A triad of voices singing for Jesus
A monk kneeling
A mother feeding

With her breast in a public

There is a litany in loving

The river of milk
Fills the flowers

Of acceptance.
Of epitaphs
Of letting go.

Love is inescapable