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(Feeding raspberries to a suffering magpie)

Don't pick all the berries!
When they ripen on the thorny branches.

Leave some for the birds, and the passing children,
As they sing and dance, and shuffle through the chalk lines,
of happenstance.

Tiny fingers, ruby stained and slip on shoes,
To not have not a fear of blood or anything to do,

Or get lost in irregular patterns of faith.

Let their songs help you feel like,
You belong to something

Equal to nature moving in a 6 o'clock sun beam.

We are ailing and sometimes we are sailing, on water or the breaking waves,
Of sorrow,
and an empty chest and eyes that fill with tears can

Borrowed time can not be returned.

The music can only last long enough,

before we play it again in our memory
parted by love or friendships,

For those audible to your hearts.

Bursting and breaking,

Darkening chambers,
Parted and sliced into
Allegorical narratives

With adagios of declarative longing .

A Listless listening of the broken,

Striving towards some sort of half healing,
Rising and falling and belonging and
forgetting this
Ode to

Less heartache!

Like the magpie with the broken wing,

Navigating the manicured cut lawns
Looking for a place to recover

In the shadows false alarm.

Francis A Willey
August 1 2019

Feeding raspberries to a suffering magpie