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Stock footage of the moon

Is there enough room for your arms around me in this unknown

In the darkest hours.

You spoon my body,
Break the pain from the glass
Of obsidian.

Wipe away dark oblivion
In magma,
Instead of me wanting
Gold in dreams.

Be full in your fullest in fullness.
Be the most to stir,
Every lover you

Those that are alone,
Let their hearts trumpet
To the basking sun.

The disposed and broken,
Have a songbird
To remind them.
Romance is boon-
On the broken branch.

This epic light and pulling of every soul towards

To the tidal breaks where emotion
Destroys what you know,
Where you were,

Wiped clean.

Coupling is beyond the couplet-
The chalice,
The pouring wine, the over flowing,
Baskets of bouquets
Erasing dismay and decay.

The sublime seed to the a grapes-

Curve of body and buttock and moon and breast,
And the naked body being more than
The confiding room.

Where blankets are waterfalls,
And bodices and lotuses,
Have enough space and grace and
Fragile motives and
Falling pages from typewriters-

And texts that manifest-

Beyond respect-

Never forget!

This flesh and bone,
And tendon and that feeling
Of irreversible alone.

The zones of longing,
The empty beds with
Pillows you cannot

Fluff a cloud
It may dissipate!

And erase
Chaste regrets

And a blank face.

The music rises when you are in wait,

Sadness can break you and keep you,
Sometimes we are the cause of of our own
We are stillness overlooking

But after knowledge
that the pit is deep!

In the flesh of sweetness.

We find a new birth in love
In the darkness,

The peach against the bark.

Never feel badly
For genuinely

Caring from the place,

That felt like home.

Francis A Willey
July 17 2019

Stock footage of the moon