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I Bled another day away
till the drops of sun parted ways

On the sightline past the industrial areas
And reverence

In a modern dance
This production
Had no mantles
LCD televisions rumbling
On shopping carts towards cars
Outside the bulk warehouse
They are stuffing carts with products to be unproductive
And iInertia and statuesque rotation

Fat food case lots
Five flats deep of water and exotic nuts
a potato chip high kilogram bag

Sagging breasts
And stomach aprons over belts

That swing of pelts and luxury
Oscillator simulator
 Calorie stimulator

Soft Turtle shell out front
slow cerebrum stasis sleeper.

(Part 2)

A dancer in crimson

holding a blade to dissect the flesh
of the last crimson light

A package of summer reduction

 Water pistols

You cut the fat too thick
Sparing not the song that pours from your heart
The neck is cut in a perfect horizon slit

Flat line

 Then the image is displayed in 3D and high definition

And low speed separation
Sitting upright
Practicing the low down
Before you are buried deep.

The cardinal tempts the robin
Puffing its breast
With a crested notion
To court

A shopping cart tragedy 

And two homeless lovers dancing; to Neil Young on a dirty blaster
Before they clean their
Palettes Under the golden tree
spread endlessly

We are not LED! or DODO or COD or a LOGO

we are not bred to hurt

This whole world is a wonderful

Song on a repeat
of longing

for nothing

Francis A Willey
October 10 2013

Hemophiliac horizon