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Her distant measures are longing and late
and stretch out in the garden light.

Her form is sculpturesque as she lays like a marble deity
Against the blades of grass
weightlessly angelic and pure

The leaf shadows create wings for her restless form
Her finger presses opens a flower
and I discover that I may only see her in dreams

or, as it seems the scrolled word

Unless the distance comes to a close
And the doors evoke a new horizon
to spy

Oh lover of my faraway eye.

The clouds hue in bark brown and azure blue

If this heart knew all kisses could be renewed
like the morning dew or the swans down

on a broken pool trumpeting into heaven.

The heart is often a fool
jesting wildly for angels to cast light and graces

Spaces to dance
and smiles to beam

we are always mortal seeking safety in paradises unknown

Reed of songs and a spider web
and dragonfly wing


who knows what feelings
Will weave its way in?

Sculpture and the blade of grass