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Street Urgency in the doctrines of the damned.

Blackened alley burnt out trash sleeper.
Carbon kiss on a buttoned sleeve
Do not deceive the night from its stars

Crushed leaves and thrown out sinks and washers.
Stoppers without bottles,
Startles’ without watchers.

One fine elegant black curtain falls on the daybreak.

As we pass by the cemetery gates and it’s
Sound less keepers.

Don’t be misgiving in the gifts of graces
When the lord held your hand
On a puzzle pieces

Do not sleep too long

My golden dreamer
The feathers are pulled out of the pages
The wages of war are never so

Dark, dark heal

Treading on heaven.
Place your kiss upon
My trembling white shaking lips.

Search through me,
Improve me

And help me teach others
A story about


Raven in the Palm without alarm