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+Prayer for a bird+

A child’s blue bracelet tied to a red helium balloon
Watching it drift across the sky with my twin angels
It just misses a buildings face and vanishes without a trace.

The Fallen bird rescue team finds a baby magpie in the street
Hobbling along the asphalt blending in
We find a broken flowerpot as a box
And a dirty shirt as a lid
And deliver it to the animal shelter
Where three bright eyed maidens bleed love
From the corners of their eyes.

The next day we rescue
A robin rolling into traffic
This time we use two straw hats as a safety net.

Mercy is a gift
A child’s hand touches the wild gently
It teaches kindness and it teaches us
Charity and love at a plateau

Rows of houses with dim windows and locked doors.
Perfect manicured lawns
People hardly speaking or keeping calm
In the rushing lights of emergence.

A tattered fence holds a lone songbird
Inconceivable and unrecognizable to most

But in a child’s eyes it as flight and a

Francis A Willey 2010
For Agatha and Pax

+Prayer for a bird+
(for Agatha and Pax)