He believes that a deeper compassion culture can be met through the arts. As an outsider artist, he has always been questing and seeking refuge in a higher beauty.

Bridging diverse cultures, conspicuously capturing the spirit of the storytelling in the eyes of his subjects.

"we are soulful and all have a unique and wise voice to share".

His goal is to inspire those to aspire to look more carefully with mindfulness to unravel the mysterious aspects of this life and to discover oneself in the arts.

To celebrate the gifts we are given and strive more eloquently,
between the darkness and light.

Francis A. Willey born in 1969 in Alberta, Canada, is an self taught, traditional 35mm film photographer, poet and musician.

His work has been exhibited, published and awarded internationally.

Exhibiting in NYC, Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris and Italy, his photographs are in the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography and have been included in the National Gallery of London archives. One of his photographic books Ghost was awarded the 3rd place prize at the PX3 in Paris for Fine Art Book.

His iconic image 'Blindness' has had a political and social reverberation, through deliberate appropriation in a multitude of cultures, countries and religions worldwide.


Francis A. Willey