“I have no words” upon seeing Blindness exhibited at Mercedes Benz Fashion week in Berlin – Alexander McQueen – Fashion Designer

“Francis is one of my favourite contemporary photographers. His lovely, ethereal, but also very real images show us the magic and mystery can be found in our modern world. We just need to know where to look.” – Theodora Goss (Senior Lecturer at Boston University. MFA/PHD Boston University.)

“I love what you are doing for the world of photography” – Charles Saatchi-Saatchi Gallery commenting on the Ghost Series

“I like how your head works” In person with Douglas Kirkland- Photographer

I might not know from where the cold wind blows, but I know what I like and I dig your work. You can take that to the bank on your way mental baby! Don't go, Don't go yet, it's wonderful stuff. -CW Christopher Walken - Actor

“What you do for romanticism is so important” – Kirk Miles - Poet

Your music tells a story.. Just the same as your amazing images!!
Theres no way that your music would exist without your photographs and your photographs without your music..
Its like a relationship of two people which were born for each other..
Like a hug ..
Like a food for soul..

Thank you:-)

Vladimira-international Top Model,Animal Activist.

It's truly beautiful and legitimizes photography as an art. With all the trashy "fashion photography" floating around and unexciting commercial stuff that I do on a regular basis for magazines and print I've forgotten why I even like to be photographed at all. Your work has just reminded me that it's because once in a great while there's a chance to be part of the creation of an image like yours, where a woman's body or face can be sexy in a softer, subtle way rather than so harshly presented as an object. So thanks.

-Christine Donlon

Esthete does not simply the one who consider beauty the highest ideal, but its true adorer - essence, which possesses taste and which assumes excellent “religious” idol. Esthete - thinned fan of beauty. Beauty will blind esthete, it makes it necessary to choke and to kneel. And in this sense the following photographs Of fantasy Of life -Francis A Willey truly the aestheticism, since of their inhabitant - this no longer of woman, but the symbolic clusters of air, water and rest, specters. Photographer does not fix them. He overindulges by them.

-Proza art magazine