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(Life is death in the rough )

Beauty is tragic
So much love lost for nothing
Hold me close for something
Don’t close the bookstore before 7PM

My rhythm is in your voice
I tried charity and realized there is not enough shelves or buckets
Or half holes

Lost causes
May I have the time
enough to cure those with hate

a world view in all this aspect and dreams
Cityscape falling from the seams
And I wiser because I learned to love more

I hold you close to the dirge
I fell upon you when you reserved
A place for another
Let go of when it hurt
And held a broken bud and a fractured wing

Will this be enough to sing?

Sister to sister I consider you
Right now
Between the broken paperback spines
And loss of love with family
Dropping like fractured doves

I said no longer can you think of yourself
You must be present for everyone else

The mission

The thick
The thinning
The upbringing
The singing
And a hug.

I’ll carry the word forever because love went on and on and on even if

Life is death in the rough.

Life is death in the rough