Photography > Little Rayburn

When you think of love it's a cautionary tale,
Most don't want to suffer under its tempting spell.

Tell me lover is this where you want us to go,
To a place in a modern day

Sailing on uncertain winds,
Where old love brought us to
Begin again upon a field
Of gold.

This journey isn't easy
As we grow older,
You can get caught up in its tender
But it can build courage
And make you bolder.

Wipe away these instantaneous tears and arrange
Flowers in crystal

And place them on a table
And think of your lover
The petals and the lips
And the nectar of sexual

There is such a hazard
There is a deepening care

And letting go of your body
That I can almost,
Not bare.

When you are naked by the
Window and the stars
Rest in your hair.

And Kisses are in a dream

Floating in some distant

Each second our lips touch
And our gazes hold each other's smiles
Wipes away the broken miles
In a distant world of lost faces
Upon broken devices.

It Almost seems not enough
To tip the gentleness of the moon
On you.

When I bend the branch
To pull you out of the

Into the favourable light.

Why do kisses in dreams
Have a deeper feeling
Than a living sea?

Why do kisses in dreams
Have a deeper feeling
Than a living sea?

Kisses in a dream