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Dark visions
Italian horror
Book cover

Seventeen small gates on the abyss, nightmare glimpses of haunted houses, deep and damned waters, demons, monsters and journeys in the afterlife offer us a complete overview of the literary horror in all its forms.
Stories imbued with that latent anxiety, the slight uneasiness that will take you, from time to time while you are reading, to watch wary behind your back.
The twenty-fifth hour, an old library serves as a non-place in which to discover a fatal hour that can not exist.
Same blood, an old family home that hides a nightmare truth about our origins.
Deep waters, an unpunished crime, a deep and inaccessible lake that hides a secret, but revenge will have the face of a nightmare.
Room 206, a hotel room to deal with its destructive dark part.
The Cave of the Beast, a playground, an old disused attraction where the essence of evil seems to hide.
Mirabilia, a circus populated by bloodthirsty freaks.
The threshold, a passage to another diabolical dimension.
Thirteen small pearls, the pains for a lost love find an apparent relief in a deadly tattoo.
Gens arcana, a cosmetic surgery is a pretext to discover unspeakable demonic / evolutionary practices.
... And other Dark Visions.