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The Ghost series is an internationally awarded, exhibited and published black + white portfolio that spans from 2004 until the present day. This series is inspired by his own personal experiences with these rare specters, powerful deities, phantoms or angelic drifters.

At the tender age of nine, Dante Alighieri (1265–1321) met Beatrice Portinari (1266–1290), declaring to his soul, “Now is your bliss made manifest,” to which it replied, “Alas! How often henceforth shall we be troubled.”

Restricted by the dictates of courtly love, Beatrice ignored Dante, yet she came to embody the divine incarnation of love that inspired him throughout his life.

In The Divine Comedy, a literary masterpiece, Beatrice is Dante's guide on his pilgrimage through Paradise, leading him finally into the presence of the divine.

This image of mine represents Beatrice flying in a dream. Dante's love is so great for Beatrice he enters her dream and rests his head on her shoulder. At this moment, he takes flight with Beatrice
while she rises to the rose in Paradise.

An angelic throng that makes a ring and the beginning of a premonition.

The Romance of Dante and Beatrice
The Romance of Dante and Beatrice
35mm B+W Film Photograph. Fibre Print
16" x 20"